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About Us – Levinson Jewelers | Diamonds Engagement Rings Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton


About Us

The Levinson Story
The story of Mark and Robin Levinson’s rise to become Fort Lauderdale’s top
jewelry store and one of the top grossing, independent jewelers in the
country is an inspiring one with humble beginnings.
The Beginning In 1983, the Levinson’s were an ambitious, young couple who dreamed of
opening a Fort Lauderdale jewelry store where they could sell beautiful,
fine jewelry with unique design and timeless style. They knew they had to
start somewhere, so they invested all their savings and took a booth in
their local jewelry exchange in Plantation. With four display cases, a tiny
booth and big dreams, they set up shop with a simple focus on quality
diamonds, integrity and top-notch customer service. It was a winning
formula, and they exceeded expectations almost immediately.

As word of the Levinson’s spread and their reputation grew, so did their
business. They took over more and more space in the exchange, until one day
in 1989, the Levinson’s took over the entire location, introducing the first
full-fledged Levinson Jewelers location. Over the next several years, their
expansion continued as their business grew, until they expanded to close to
10,000 square feet of some of Fort Lauderdale’s finest designer jewelry,
diamonds, watches, engagement rings and more.

On The Move
As their business continued to grow, the Levinson’s knew it was time to
expand to the next level. So they built a glamorous, new jewelry store in
the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale-on famed Las Olas Boulevard. The
culmination of this dream occurred on February 5, 2008, when the couple
celebrated their new store’s Grand Opening. It was such a momentous event
that the City of Fort Lauderdale dubbed it “Levinson Jewelers Day.” Both
local and national celebrities attended on this very special day in this
family company’s history.

Levinson’s Today
Today, Levinson Jewelers is the area’s top jewelry store, attracting
customers from Miami to Boca Raton in search of fine jewelry. From
engagement rings to watches, diamonds to designer jewelry, at Levinson
Jewelers, you can find a one-of-a-kind work of art from the far reaches of
the globe. And Levinson’s is also known for estate jewelry and gold buying.

No matter what business you do with Levinson Jewelry, you can rest assured,
you’re dealing with a company whose success is based on integrity and
customer service. That is the key to over 27 years of impressive business


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