Pearl necklace

Pearl necklace

Luckacco jewelry and watch would like to provide with high quality pearl necklace jewelry products to the consumers all over the world.

To care the female, the nature pearl jewelry have the effect as below:

Wearing pearl necklace has certain effect on treating chronic pharyngitis and hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism).

Wearing pearl necklace for a long time can reduce the cough of patients with pharyngitis, even stop completely. People who wear it often are not easy to suffer from pharyngitis.

Wearing pearl necklace in hyperthyroidism patients can inhibit tumor growth and make it disappear gradually.

Wearing pearl necklace for a long time can relieve the irritability caused by concussion sequelae and improve the symptoms of abnormal temper.

Wearing pearl necklace has the function of calming and calming the mind. It can reduce the blood pressure of patients with heart disease to normal, the heart rate returns to normal, and vertigo can also be treated. In front of the negotiation table, you can get unexpected calming effect. It is said that the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty would hold a big pearl in her hand to help her calm down and make decisions when she met with major events. In modern society, many high-ranking women like to wear pearl jewelry in business negotiations and other occasions, which often play a role of calming the mind, keeping a clear mind and sharp reaction (at the same time, government affairs and business negotiation partners will also be attracted by their elegant demeanor and appearance, reduce hostility and conflict psychology, and calm opponents or partners), so as to optimize the effect of decision-making and negotiation.

Pearl is the tears of mermaid, a gem with moon energy, so it is also called "tears of Venus". It can give the wearer strength, make the heart and soul clear and bright, help to absorb and understand things, and calm the irritable temper.

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