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Luckacco jewelry and watch Brand meaning and story

Luckacco means family, love, friendship, luck and company. As a carrier of feelings, jewelry, watches and gifts express our gratitude to our parents and bring us to this world. Express the feelings of accompanying our lover, accompany us through many goodtime of spring and autumn, winter and summer. To express our concern for our classmates and friends and make progress hand in hand in our studies and work career. Express the love for the younger generation, hope and wish them healthy and happy growth.

Logo design lucky clover abstract modeling, at the same time surrounded by a circle, means reunion and completeness, bring good luck and comfort to the people we love. Clover is a beautiful legend; it is said that people who find it can harvest happiness. Young girls always expect to find a clover and get their own happiness. Many people also love clover, will be happy and jewelry perfect fusion together, bring happiness and hope to the people we love. “Acco” has the meaning of "guarding", and company is the longest confession. If you wish to be lucky, you can be a lucky man.

Luckacco jewelry and watch Brand designed and developed of a lot of products: pearl necklace, 925 silver necklace, Hetian jade necklace, natural agate necklace, Garnet Necklace, gem necklace, florist amber necklace, crystal bracelet, florist amber bracelet, gem bracelet, engagement ring, wedding ring, florist amber ring, Hotan jade ring, gem ring, cat's eye ring, florist amber earring, pure silver earring, Hetian jade watch, garnet watch, mechanical watch, fashion electronic watch and so on.

Lukacco combines different materials to provide innovative products, providing different types of products for consumers with different hobbies in different regions of the world.

Wish everyone could find the suitable gifts to those people we love, in our Luckacco jewelry and watch store.

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