10 tips for the maintenance of Pearl Necklace

10 tips for the maintenance of Pearl Necklace

1, not near water: do not clean pearl necklace with water. The water can enter the pores of the beads, which is difficult to wipe dry, and may ferment inside, and the beads may turn green. If you sweat a lot when you wear it, wipe it carefully with a soft wet towel and keep it dry.

2, away from the kitchen: there are tiny pores on the surface of the Pearl, so it is not suitable to let it inhale the dirty substances in the air. Pearls absorb substances such as sprays, perfume and so on. So don’t wear a beautiful pearl necklace to the electric hair, and be careful in the kitchen. Don’t wear beautiful pearls for cooking. Steam and fumes can seep into the pearls and make them yellow.

  1. Sheepskin service: after wearing pearl necklace, the Pearl should be wiped clean before putting it away. It’s better to use sheepskin, not facial paper, because the friction of some face paper will wear the Pearl
  2. Need air: don’t put pearl necklace in safe for a long time, and don’t seal it with plastic bag. Pearls need fresh air. They wear them every few months and let them breathe. If put in the box for a long time, the Pearl will turn yellow easily.
  3. Change the thread in three years: it is better to re string the Pearl Necklace every three years. The dirt that goes into the bead hole will produce friction and break the nylon thread.
  4. Pearl chain maintenance: do not hang the pearl necklace for a long time. The chain line will deform as time goes on. It’s a good idea for a long bead chain to tie a knot between the beads. This prevents the beads from rubbing against each other. Even if the thread is broken, the beads will not be scattered around, and you will lose only one bead at most.
  1. Maintenance method when wearing:

Pearl is soft and its hardness is lower than the dust in the air. When wearing it, you should avoid contact or friction with hard objects or even hard materials. Therefore, it is not suitable to wear coarse clothes to avoid abrasion or scratch. In addition, pearls are afraid of acids and alkaloids, and are afraid of losing water. Therefore, they should not be exposed to sunlight or in high temperature environment. They should also avoid contacting with cosmetics such as sour vinegar, alcohol, perfume, fragrance powder, hair oil and other strong acids and strong alkali substances, so as to prevent pearls from fading or losing their luster. During X-ray fluoroscopy, it is also best to remove and preserve pearl ornaments, so as to protect pearls from damage.

  1. Maintenance method for collection:

Pearls should be cleaned regularly. When washing, you can first rinse with dilute soap water, and then rinse with clean water. When not wearing, it can be stored in a jewelry box with soft and clean flannel or silk. It is not suitable to put it in a plastic bag or plastic box for sealed storage, so as to prevent the Pearl from losing water and affecting the luster.

  1. Regular maintenance:

Due to the weak resistance of pearls to acid and alkali, they can not withstand the erosion of sweat, so they should be maintained regularly. Wipe with clean soft cloth frequently to remove dust and dirt adhering to the surface of pearl. When wiping, soft paper or cloth containing silicone oil can be used to wipe. When washing with water, do not use acid or strong alkaline liquid, let alone hot water or boiling water, so as to prevent the solution from eroding the structure and surface luster of Pearl epidermis. Only use neutral detergent, and then rinse thoroughly with water.

  1. Method of pearlescent reproduction:

Some pearls that have been worn or stored for decades by our ancestors may turn pale yellow. For the pearls whose yellowing is limited to the surface layer, they can be soaked in 1% – 5% dilute hydrochloric acid or hydrogen peroxide. After the Yellow shell is dissolved, take out the Pearl quickly, wash and dry it with water, and then the Pearl will shine again. However, special attention should be paid not to soak in dilute hydrochloric acid for too long to prevent the Pearl from being damaged. Of course, if the color becomes very strong, it will be difficult to reverse. For the black, dull and seriously stained pearl jewelry, it can also be soaked in 10% salt water, washed with 3% dilute hydrochloric acid solution, and then rinsed with water.

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