3 tips to how to select the ring types according to the different wearing scene

  1. There are many kinds of rings

Rings can be classified from four aspects, which can be divided into women’s rings and men’s rings according to gender. There are many styles of rings for women, and the rings are slim, and the specifications and sizes are more in line with women’s slender fingers. The style of male ring is rough, and the style is less than that of female ring. It is mainly generous and simple. According to the classification of materials, it can be divided into single material and multiple materials. Single material mainly refers to a ring made of one material with pure ingredients. The characteristics of multiple materials are that a ring contains two or more materials. For example, diamond ring belongs to a variety of materials. From the shape of classification, it can be divided into symmetry and asymmetry. At present, the most common symmetrical rings on the market are ring, hollow flower ring and disc diamond ring, and the asymmetric ring is diamond ring and Laplace ring. It can also be classified by use, that is, daily rings and special rings. Rings used in occasions such as proposal, engagement and marriage belong to special rings.

  1. Ring selection should be in line with the situation

The selection and purchase of rings should conform to the use environment. If it is a daily wear, you can choose according to your own preferences, with a high degree of freedom. If it is for a proposal, engagement, marriage, this special occasion, or diamond ring is more appropriate. The meaning of rings used in special occasions is particularly important. Choosing a ring with a beautiful meaning is more meaningful than a ring with a high price. There are many ring brands with beautiful Connotations on the market, which have very good moral meaning, and are fully suitable for important occasions such as marriage proposal.

  1. The ring wearing method is exquisite

There is an unwritten understanding of the ring wearing method in the world. Generally speaking, it is the most appropriate to wear a ring on the thumb, a ring on the index finger represents a single person, a metaphor can be pursued, a ring on the middle finger represents being in love, wearing a ring on a ring swelling represents being engaged or married, and wearing a ring on the little finger represents a single person, which can also be understood as an unmarried person. When wearing rings, men and women may habitually follow the principle of “left for men and right for women”. In fact, there is no explicit regulation on the wearing method of rings. In ordinary occasions, it is better to focus on their own comfort and habits. However, most people will still wear wedding rings on nameless ones.

Ring simple but not simple, each ring has its own style and characteristics, I hope everyone can have their own ring.

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