Classification of crystal ornaments and three important wearing instructions tips

Crystal jewelry is one of the most favorite ornaments of modern young girls. Natural crystal not only has a pure and bright appearance, but also its unique magnetic field has a very beneficial effect on human body. However, there are many kinds of natural crystal jewelry, and there are three places to pay attention to when wearing.

 1、 Classification of crystal ornamentsAs we all know, the classification of crystal is multifarious. From the origin, it can be divided into obvious crystal, cryptocrystalline and special type. From the color, it can be divided into white crystal, pink crystal, amethyst, green crystal, tea crystal and so on. According to the classification of crystal function, crystal can be divided into high-frequency radioactive crystal and low-frequency absorbing crystal. High frequency radioactive crystals have the function of attracting magnetic field and radiating energy. For example, green ghost and Amethyst belong to radioactive crystals; while low-frequency absorbing crystals can absorb energy; obsidian and pink crystal are all absorbing crystals. Understanding the classification of crystal jewelry is to master the wearing skills more correctly. According to the principle of left in and right out, radioactive crystal is suitable for wearing on the right hand, while absorbing crystal should be worn on the left hand.2、 Three tips for wearing crystal jewelry

  1. Crystal is best not to be touched or worn by others. If you believe that crystal can bring you good luck and good physical and mental health, it is better not to let others touch or wear the crystal ornaments on your body. Because the crystal has memory, it can record each other’s energy. If it is worn by some bad luck people, it will react.It’s better not to wear absorptive crystal jewelry to sleep. Absorptive crystal jewelry can absorb the negative energy in the body. If the negative energy is absorbed in the body during the day, the crystal should also be rested at night to recover its vitality, so as to better absorb the negative energy in the body the next day. So at night, try not to sleep with absorbent crystal jewelry, find a clean place, let it be able to purify.It is better not to wear three crystal bracelets at the same time for one hand. If people are the same, crystals also have different magnetic fields. Therefore, when you wear crystal bracelets, you should pay attention not to wear more than three bracelets. Therefore, different kinds of crystal will disturb the magnetic field of itself and surrounding and will affect the play of natural crystal energy.

Strawberry Crystal Bracelet Natural crystal jewelry can bring us a lot of good luck, but also conducive to our physical and mental health, but there are a lot of attention to the wearing of natural crystal jewelry, we can learn more about the classification of crystal and wearing skills.

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