5 suggestions and tips about how to buy a suitable watch for a man

5 suggestions and tips about how to buy a suitable watch for a man

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In daily life, in formal social occasions, watches are often regarded as jewelry. For men who usually have only ring jewelry to wear, watches are highly valued. Some people even stressed that “watch is not only men’s jewelry, but also men’s most important jewelry.” So what should we pay attention to in the purchase of men’s watch? Xiao Fan summarizes the following five points for your reference!

1、 The most important performance index

The performance of a watch is one of the most concerned aspects. If the performance of a watch is not good, no one is willing to wear it. What are the aspects of the performance of a watch?

Waterproof: the appearance of waterproof watch reduces tragic events to a certain extent, but we must be clear: different wristwatches have different waterproof properties. If you want to swim or take a shower, you don’t need to remove the watch, OK? Yes, as long as your watch indicates that the waterproof performance is more than 100 meters, but it must be noted that the watch must be removed when taking a hot bath, so as to avoid the watch’s waterproof ring softening due to the high temperature in the bathroom, causing the watch to enter the water, which is not worth the loss!

Functionality: an excellent watch not only has the basic time function, but also has more practicability, such as calendar function, stopwatch timer, etc. they can make your time concept more accurate.

Mobility: who would want to buy a watch with poor movement of components and hands?

Automatic winding: many nights, we fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night: I forgot to wind my watch. Don’t worry, a watch with automatic winding function will let you worry no more.

2、 The type of watch, suitable for yourself is very important

There are three categories of watches: mechanical watch, quartz watch and electronic watch. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages!

Mechanical watch: the earliest mechanical watch was powered by helix. The advantage is that the service life is relatively long (this varies from person to person, depending on the use environment and their usual maintenance). It has practical moon phase function (limited to high-end watches). The technology is quite mature. Disadvantages: there will be errors, generally five to fifteen seconds a day.

Quartz watch: slightly younger than mechanical. Quartz watches are powered by batteries and motors. Advantages: can do very thin, accurate travel time, do not have to chain, small error, about 10 to 30 seconds a month. Disadvantages: generally one or two years need to replace the battery, the general movement life in five to ten years or so.

Electronic watch: energetic and challenging. Advantages: powerful, travel time error in 10 to 30 seconds a year, compass and other functions. Disadvantages: it takes one or two years to replace the battery.

3、 Material and style, and wear to match

This also depends on the identity of the wearer. For example, an 18 karat gold watch strap is worn by a young man in his 20s. It’s not impossible, but it will give people a sense of disharmony. It will not only fail to achieve the expected effect, but will be greatly discounted.

4、 Material classification

General materials are pure gold, gold plating, stainless steel, alloy, titanium, rubber, ceramics. Pure gold: the price is more expensive, generally more than 10000 yuan, no obvious shortcomings.

Gold plating: the price is not fixed, the shortcomings of a long time, easy to wear out. Stainless steel, alloy, titanium: the general market is this material, the price is moderate. It should be noted that people who sweat or work in chemistry are prone to corrosion.

Rubber: new product, affordable. Various colors and shapes, rubber allergy should be paid attention to.

Ceramics: affordable, beautiful. Disadvantages: inferior ones are not very strong.

5、 Overall collocation

Be consistent with your temperament. Whether you are introverted or extroverted, whether you are keen on sports or advocating simplicity, wristwatches should be consistent with your temperament. Men who blindly pursue low-key will not choose exaggerated large dial wristwatches.

Be consistent with the environment. Watch is used to set off the environment and identity, not excessive pursuit of shiny, eye-catching. Therefore, different wristwatches are required for different occasions. When participating in festive activities, you can choose exquisite, lovely and beautiful ones. On the contrary, when participating in activities such as mourning, we should strive to be low-key and simple. The watch with black leather strap is a good choice.

Well, the theme of this issue is “what should men pay attention to when they buy watches?”? 5 conscience suggestions must be read! 》I will share here, more wonderful watch information and fashion matching skills, please pay attention to, welcome watch friends message exchange!

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