Introduction of the types of pearls, it will not make it difficult to buy pearl necklace and bracelet

Today, I’m going to talk about the topic of my old profession. Over the years of jewelry design, I recommend and design the most styles of pearl jewelry to my female customers. But many people still don’t know how to divide the types of pearls and what kind of pearls they are suitable for. Let’s talk about them in detail today.

Since ancient times, more and more female friends like to wear pearl necklace and bracelet, and pearl necklace and bracelet jewelry have become a symbol of identity. The moral of pearl itself represents nobility and elegance, and its beauty is incomparable with other jewelry. Princess Diana once said: if a woman can only have one jewel in her life, it must be a Pearl jewelry!

Now, pearls have become the target of mass consumption from the exclusive products of the royal family. But there are many kinds of pearls. How can we tell which kind of pearls? What kind of pearl is suitable for you, today, please look at the introduction of Pearl category with my article!

As shown in the figure above, natural pearls are divided into two categories: Wild pearls and cultured pearls.

Wild pearl:

As the name suggests, wild pearls are pearls that grow without artificial intervention. Due to their poor beauty, they are rarely worn as jewelry. Today, we mainly talk about artificial cultivation of pearls.

Pearl culture in fresh water

Fresh water cultured colorful Pearl

First of all, let’s take a look at the data: the data of pearl production from 2005 to 2019 show that the proportion of fresh water pearls cultivated in China is very large. 95% of the world’s fresh water pearls come from China, and the annual output is about 2000 tons. The United States and India are big Pearl consumers, and the foreign exchange brought to us is also strong.

Freshwater pearls are cultivated in lakes. Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, is known as the “hometown of freshwater pearls in China”. In addition, freshwater pearls are also produced in Anhui, Jiangsu and other places. Hyriopsis cumingii is often used to cultivate freshwater pearls. Therefore, freshwater pearls can be cultivated in areas with lakes.

Its color is rich, glossiness is high, diameter is 9-10 mm or so of round go dish bead, and the cost is lower than sea water pearl, so deeply loved by the majority of women, this is our domestic fresh water pearl export volume is big main reason.

Mariculture pearl:

Akoya pearl, commonly known as small light bulb

Seawater pearls are divided into offshore pearls and offshore pearls. In recent years, most of the high priced pearls sold at auction are seawater pearls. The output of seawater pearls is very small, which is 1 / 40 of freshwater pearls. A female shell usually can only breed more than one or two sea drops, and the mortality rate is high.

Mikimoto entrepreneur yukimoto

The representative of offshore pearl is Japan’s Akoya pearl. As the founder of Japanese mariculture pearl, I have to mention the above figure. Although he is no longer here, the mariculture pearl he cultivated has a history of more than 100 years. Mikimoto’s brand is also famous and has become the exclusive supplier of the British Royal family.

Due to the strict selection of Japanese Akoya pearls, the purchase rate of 1% has pushed its price to a high level.

Known as “angel tears” and “Pearl of dreams”, Mabei pearl is popular among women as the main stone commonly used by jewelry designers. The word “Mabei” comes from Japan. Its shape is only half that of normal pearls, but its diameter can be as large as 10 mm-20 mm. It is a semi-circular structure of recycled pearl.

The main reason why the market value of Mabei pearl is relatively high is that the survival rate of its mother shell is very low, once it was on the verge of extinction, and its rich Pearl color, beautiful shape, coupled with its rarity and other comprehensive factors, has become the favorite of designers and lovers of Pearl collection.

Beihai (North sea) pearl:

What special products do you take to Beihai (North sea), Guangxi? The old people all know that it must be a pearl necklace. Beihai (North sea)  pearl is not only famous in China, but also has a large export volume. There is an old saying that “Dongzhu is not as good as Xizhu, Xizhu is not as good as Nanzhu”. This is the Hepu pearl cultured in Beihai

Beihai (North sea) pearl is characterized by large size, high roundness, relatively thick pearlescent layer, rich color, and natural gloss.

Deep sea pearl:

Known as the Pearl world, “Hermes” Pearl refers to: Australian white pearl, Nanyang golden pearl, Tahiti Black Pearl!

Pearl of Australia

The mother shell of Nanyang white pearl is white butterfly shell, which is the largest pearl shell in the world. Due to the huge size of the mother shell, the diameter of the Pearl bred by Nanyang white pearl is naturally not small. Generally, the diameter is more than 10 mm. The diameter of 16 mm is larger. The diameter of the top Australian white pearl can reach 20 mm. The thicker pearl layer makes it look very delicate and glossy. Because Australian white pearl has multi-color and connotative silver luster Let it give people a cool and elegant mystery, with Queen’s aura.

Due to the high requirements of the waters for the growth of white butterfly oyster, only the waters in northern Australia are suitable for the clear water quality, suitable temperature and sparsely populated growth conditions, such waters can breed Australian white pearl without impurities.

Nanyang Jinzhu

Let’s talk about our neighbor, Nanyang Jinzhu, which is produced in Southeast Asian countries. Nanyang Jinzhu is known as the proud goddess with luxurious temperament, which can be seen from its rich golden light. Its mother shell is golden lipped shell, which is the same as aobai, and has high requirements for the growth of water area. An important factor for the high price of Jinzhu is that it takes up to 18 months to cultivate a mature Jinzhu, and it takes five years to form a Jinzhu. In the process of cultivation, a little bit of slack may be wasted.

The color of Nanyang gold beads is mainly gold, from light gold to thick gold. Because the yield of thick gold is very small, the price is very expensive.

Tahiti Black Pearl:

Tahiti, known as heaven on earth, is pregnant with the black pearl beauty Tahiti Black Pearl.

In recent years, through years of efforts and scientific breeding, China has successfully cultivated Tahiti black pearl in Hainan Island and the high-quality sea areas of Guangdong and Guangxi.

Because the cultivation of black pearl is difficult and the survival rate is low, the price of black pearl should not be underestimated. The price of black pearl is generally calculated by volume, shape, color, leather luster and purity.

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