8 reasons to choose Luckacco jewelry pearls

8 reasons to choose Luckacco jewelry pearls

About Luckacco jewelry pearls
Concept: basic concept
Our corporate philosophy is “Creating dreams and joy through the beauty of pearls”, and we have been in the pearl business for 5 years. So far, we have only brought the best products from all over the country to the stage of department stores and delivered them to consumers. However, from now on, it is natural that the quality will be better. We want everyone to smile. Although Mori Pearl does not culture pearls, we convey the creator’s feelings to our customers and create and propose pearl life.

Policy: Direction

Pearls are a gift from the ocean. Because it is a treasure created by nature, it must be sustainable. In order to deliver beautiful pearls to the future, we support activities to protect the rich natural environment.

“Beautiful pearls come from the beautiful sea”

*Sen Pearl supports tree planting activities on the mountain to create a rich aquaculture environment.

As pearl professionals, we have strict inspection standards. Pearls are one of the most exquisite gemstones. We inspect not only visually, but also with light, deep into the nacre and core. We inspect every necklace.

We use six criteria to select pearls (coverage, blemishes, blemishes, color, shape and size), as well as criteria for necklace pairings and earring pairings.

Currently, different types of pearls are cultured from different mother oysters. They cannot be compared directly, each has its own characteristics. At Mori Pearl, we develop detailed selection criteria for each type based on our own experience.

Inspection test
One characteristic of Senzhu’s inspection is that it relies less on visual inspection. Pearls are designed to last longer. To ensure long-term use, we use special lights to inspect the core for cracks and cracks invisible to the naked eye, as well as disturbances in the mother-of-pearl layer. We prioritize quality and safety so you can use our products with confidence and prevent future damage.

Since pearls are naturally grown gemstones, they are not all exactly the same size and shape. For high sphericity, the matching error of Akoya pearls is 0.1 mm, and the matching error of white and black pearls is more than 0.2 mm.

For the pearl necklaces, we went through each of the 6 items and realized the “connection” that suited its purpose. For a basic dress necklace, a skilled craftsman will match it to the best of his ability, not only in color and size, but also in the number of small scratches and the strength of the fabric.

It looks very nice. Comfortable to wear. Our pearl necklaces are assembled using original methods that are carefully considered based on our years of experience and unique perspective. If it is tightened too much, it may twist or float. If it’s too loose, the pearls will move and the thread will break easily. We basically recommend regular thread replacement, but we do our best to keep the threads in the best condition for as long as possible.

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