How to master the skills to selecting a natural pearl bracelet as Valentine’s day gift?

The Pearl with bright crystal and elegant character is just like the dewdrop on the flower. Its luster and cleanness always give people infinite longing. Pearl bracelet is a kind of pearl jewelry that girls like to wear very much. However, when choosing pearl bracelet, they often put too much energy on the choice of style, while ignoring the selection of pearl quality. In fact, when selecting pearl bracelet, the most important thing is to master the skills of selecting natural pearl bracelet.

Select high quality natural pearls

To choose a gorgeous pearl bracelet, the first thing to do is to select high-quality pearls. However, for ordinary consumers, they know little about pearls, so they only rely on some common sense and their previous experience to choose. In fact, the selection of natural pearls can be judged by their color, luster, shape, size and smoothness.

1. Color, natural pearls have a variety of colors, the color is composed of body color and a kind of light companion color which diffuses over the whole body color. The color of natural pearls is inborn. The color looks quite natural. The color of Buddha is formed from inside to outside;

2. Luster, known as the “jewelry Queen”, naturally attracts people with its soft and elegant pearl luster. Therefore, the luster of high-grade pearls gives people a feeling of gorgeous, but not dazzling. It is a kind of dignified affinity, and its luster is rich and changeable. Many fine and changeable halos can be seen;

3. Shape, the shape of natural pearls can be roughly divided into three categories: round, symmetrical and heterosexual. We have an old saying that “the rounder the pearl is, the better its quality is. Therefore, when choosing a pearl bracelet, try to choose a more mellow pearl;

4. Size, the larger the size of the Pearl, the more difficult the breeding process, and the higher the value. The price of pearls with a diameter greater than 9 mm is much higher than that of ordinary pearls. Therefore, if the economic conditions permit, try to choose a larger pearl. However, you can also choose a smaller pearl according to your personal preference. If you prefer to have a smaller pearl grain, it is OK;

5. Like other gemstones, pearls are the products of nature, so there are also some defects on the surface. In the selection of pearls, as long as these defects are not very obvious or hidden in a relatively secret place, which has little impact on the beauty of the pearl bracelet, there is no need to be too demanding. However, if there are conditions, try to choose the Pearl with high finish.

Notes on selection of Pearl Bracelet

1. When choosing a pearl hand, you should check whether the leather string of the string of pearls is connected well. You can try it on several times to see whether the bracelet is intact. If there is a problem with the leather string connecting the pearls, you should immediately take off the bracelet, keep it in a jewelry bag and repair it in the jewelry store;

2. If the pearl bracelet has metal buckle, it is necessary to check the quality of the metal buckle, check whether the buckle is well connected, and carefully touch the metal surface with your fingers to see whether you scrape your hands. If the inlaying or welding process is too poor to ensure the safety of pearls, it is better not to buy them.

Of course, after synthesizing the above natural pearl bracelet selection skills, we also need to choose the style of the bracelet according to their own personal style characteristics and wrist shape, so as to choose a gorgeous pearl bracelet for themselves.

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