Meaning of wearing white crystal jewelry

There are different kinds of crystal. Different kinds of crystal have different meanings. White crystal represents balance and happiness. It is good for career and health. White crystal has a glass like transparent and clear texture, can bring good luck, so some white crystal necklaces, bracelets, and white crystal trinkets, has been deeply loved by people.

Meaning of white crystal In terms of the whole crystal group, white crystal is the most widely distributed, the largest number and the most widely used, known as “the king of crystal”. Generally speaking, there are quite a number of natural forms of white crystal, including the most common massive, hexagonal columnar, columnar cluster of white crystals, overlapping growth of the backbone and so on. White crystal has a powerful effect on eliminating negative energy. When you study and work, you will feel the improvement of concentration and memory, and the effect will be better than usual. The most important thing is that when you carry white crystal with you, its magnetic field will help you to block the attack of some bad magnetic field, which is commonly known as “blocking the evil”. Wearing pure white crystal can block the evil spirit and prevent villains from making trouble at the same time. It will provide a magnetic field to calm your mind and stimulate your potential, so that you can always be in the best condition to deal with everything around you.

The function and representative implication of wearing white crystal There are many implications of white crystal, which mainly represents desire, white crystal or academic crystal.

Among all the crystals, white crystal jewelry is the most widely used, most functional and most popular crystal. Its physiological function is to help memory, promote concentration, absorb electromagnetic waves, reduce radiation, improve Feng Shui and so on. So white crystal can not only increase intelligence. If worn with the spiritual Crystal Amethyst, it can also activate the mind, think quickly and focus.

People who wear white crystal more often will have more inspiration and concentration. Therefore, it is very suitable for students to wear, known as “academic crystal”, because of this reason. From the heart point of view, it is the white crystal that can make people’s mind calm, so that attention is also focused. Concentration will inevitably reflect sensitivity, think quickly, wisdom will also be explored, memory will be improved, this is a virtuous cycle process. Insist on wearing white crystal to see the effect. White crystal stands for purity, peace and happiness.

White crystal is transparent and colorless, with clear fireflies. White is a complex of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple, representing balance and satisfaction. White light is the mother of many lights. People who have a little knowledge of optics should know that the color light of the seven color wheel will turn into white as soon as it rotates. So there is a saying: as long as you have the power of white light, you can achieve all your wishes.

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