The meaning of giving Necklace

The origin of “sending necklace

The custom of giving a necklace to a loved one has existed since ancient times. It evolved from the custom of robbing marriage and originated from the transformation period of matriarchal clan to paternal clan in primitive society. At that time, men were in a dominant position in the economy, and the concept of private ownership came into being. Women became the core of the clan and became the vassals of men. In the clan or tribal war, the winner takes the women of the other tribe as the prize of war and will use metal jewelry to cover women’s necks or hands to show their private ownership. With the development of the times, these metal jewelries gradually evolved into today’s necklaces and bracelets.

The implication of giving necklaces can tell male customers who come to the store to choose gifts for their favorite girls, girlfriends or wives, so as to increase sales opportunities. Of course, it’s also applicable for women to buy men’s necklaces.

The meaning of “give necklace

Whether it is the custom of sending necklaces in ancient times or the evolution of the meaning of jewelry given by modern people the meaning of necklaces given by boys to women represents the following three meanings:

  1. The homonym “love” means.

I give you a necklace, that is, I want to fall in love with you.

  1. It means to tie the other side.

To send a loved one chain is to tie the other party’s heart, not to be robbed by others. Generally, the meaning of giving necklaces is to look at each other.

  1. I want to accompany you and protect you all my life.

If you also like the boy, then you understand the meaning of the necklace, also must be brave to respond oh.

If the necklaces given by boys to girls represent “admiration”, then what is the meaning of necklaces given to boys by girls?

To understand a girl’s mind, you can see from her gift. If she gives you a necklace, you should know that the meaning of a necklace for a boy means that this person wants to hold you firmly and expresses her love and treasure for you.

In fact, it means “I love you; I want to be with you”, which is so simple. Let’s see how to use these simple words vividly.

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