The meaning of different jewelry types

Jewelry, the speaker of love, men know that it can move the hearts of women.

There are countless jewels in the world, but most of them are related to love. Whether it’s bright diamonds, lucky crystals, or magic agates, they have been deducing the myth of love since ancient times.

Women go to jewelry stores not only because of their love, but also because of the magic attraction of jewelry. Every light reflects the mysterious heart of women. According to their wishes, jewelers not only reflect love in style design, but also show tenderness in external packaging. They even give jewelry many names about love, either sweet and warm, or affectionate and romantic It’s fascinating. It is so beautiful and moving to interpret love with jewelry.

Gems: appreciate

Look at the world with appreciation, love him, love yourself. Both advantages and disadvantages are part of him. The colorful gem world is like life. Different angles have different beauty. Whether it is a pot of tea or watching a flower bloom, the most beautiful process is to enjoy with you. Your praise is the source of your lover’s dazzling brilliance. Learning to savor every moment with your lover is a long and sweet journey of happiness.

Pearl: tolerance

The pearl is round and generous, with the essence of harmony and satisfaction. The beauty of Pearl lies in the tolerant attitude, accepting each other’s shortcomings, and taking it as a part of each other’s life. Women’s gentle and elegant, will become a man’s most tender bowl of hot soup, warm each step of their love. Love the road is too long, always warm is each other’s tolerant eyes.

Diamond: promise

The greatest significance of a diamond lies behind its glitter. Especially in the church, the diamond ring that he personally wears for you represents the commitment of both sides for life. From then on, their lives are linked together, and they will always be in the same boat regardless of the wind and rain. Diamond ring is the perfect dream of every woman. We hope to witness our love from generation to generation. I hope, when I’m old, your love is still on my hand.

Pure silver: enjoy

Pure silver is very simple. Even if it is a silver ring, it can be very exciting. That kind of spiritual enjoyment of honor and disgrace, does not care about the pursuit of expensive luxury, only lies in the experience of mental agility. As if you love each other, enjoy every moment with him. Even if it’s a swing, don’t forget to enjoy the publicity of the wind and the child like laughter of the other party. May as well in each happy moment to yourself and each other a reward. Love, know how to enjoy is the most beautiful.

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