Western luxury antique pearl jewelry history

Western luxury antique pearl jewelry travels through ancient and modern times, depicting classic legendary stories that have been passed down for hundreds of years.

European jewelry always gives people a very luxurious and fashionable feeling, and they have almost hundreds of years of history. Gorgeous pearls have carved many profound classic stories over time. It remains in the world waiting for people to discover the interesting stories behind these bright jewelry.

1. The ancient Egyptian queen’s earring beads

Queen Loupatra of ancient Egypt was a beautiful woman who was also very smart, knew many languages, and knew how to play politics. This powerful queen owns countless jewelry, including pearl earrings. According to expert assessments, these two oversized pearls are extremely valuable and can feed the entire Egyptian people if exaggerated.

There is a story about this earring. It is said that Loupatra’s former lover was very decadent and did not like to do serious things. For this reason, the queen thought of a way to persuade her lover. Her lover spends money lavishly, always holding various banquets, enjoying all kinds of delicious food, and spending extravagantly. She has no choice but to come up with this method to restore her reputation. The queen held a large banquet and invited many dignitaries to the banquet. At the banquet, the queen did not order her servants to prepare meals and drinks, but asked her servants to prepare a glass of vinegar.

On this day, the Queen was dressed in wealth and splendor, and put on her own expensive jewelry, including a pair of Queen’s pearl earrings. When the seats were full, the cup of vinegar came into play. The queen took off a pearl and threw it directly on the gold cup filled with vinegar. Then the pearl was dissolved. After the pearl was completely dissolved, , the queen picked up the golden cup and drank it down in one gulp. Everyone at the scene was stunned. Antoine also understood the queen’s difficulty, so he lived peacefully.

2. “Medicis” bead necklace

The “Medicis” pearl necklace is not an ordinary pearl necklace, but has been passed down in the royal family. The original owner was Pope Clement. Later, when his niece Catherine de Medicis got married, the Pope gave it to him. This necklace was given to her.

This necklace did not stay with Catherine forever. When Catherine’s son found a Scottish princess, the beautiful Mary Stuart, Catherine intentionally passed the jewelry to her because her son was already the king. Catherine was very fond of her daughter-in-law because of her distinguished status, and the princess’s wisdom and beauty. So she gave the “Medicis” pearl necklace to the princess. But the good times didn’t last long. Just two years after their marriage, Franois died of illness.

The matter did not end here. Mary originally wanted to keep the necklace, but it did not go as she wished because Elizabeth succeeded in taking the throne. In the end, Mary’s necklace was taken away and she was executed. After this, Mary’s son James I became the new king and inherited the necklace. The inheritance of this necklace is far from over. Later, James I passed the necklace to his daughter Elizabeth, Elizabeth passed it to her daughter Sophia, and Sophia passed the necklace to her son William IV. In the end, who will end up with this necklace? No one knows it yet, but what is certain is that among the English royal family, this pearl necklace, which has dressed 14 queens, is extremely precious.

3. Three strands of pearl necklace

This necklace is a famous necklace of French Queen Marie Antoinette. It has a classic style and consists of three identical pearls.

There are gaps between each pearl, and the clasp is made of the hardest diamond – diamond, forming a large circle, sparkling, and the center is like a twinkling star, extremely dazzling. Now this necklace is still brilliant and will not depreciate in value.

4. Pearl enamel pocket watch

This pearl and enamel pocket watch is generally flower-shaped, composed of numerous pearls and enamel, and decorated with fleurs-de-lis. When watching the time, you need to open the watch cover. When not watching the time, it is more like a handicraft. Once belonging to Queen Marie Antoinette of France, the pocket watch was engraved with the Queen’s initials “MA” and is now in the possession of some collectors.

Since the use of pearls as jewelry began to spread in Europe, in the following centuries, monarchs, knights, and women began to generously use pearls as personal ornaments, making natural pearls one of the most precious jewelry. History Celebrities in the world and their related pearl jewelry continue to write legendary stories in the flow of history.

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