Pearl necklace & bracelet care

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How to care for your pearl necklace & bracelet:

Luckacco Brands would like to provide with the below 8 tips to maintain the pearl necklace:

  1. Not near tap water: remember not to wash pearl necklaces with tap water. Because most tap water can contain hypochlorous acid, which is used as disinfectant, to enter the small holes of pearls. It is not only difficult to wipe them dry, but also may ferment in the holes, and the beads will turn green slowly. In case you sweat when wearing a pearl necklace, wipe it off with a wet towel and keep it dry.
  2. Away from the kitchen: due to the tiny pores on the surface of the Pearl, it is not suitable to let it inhale the dirty substances in the air. For example, hair gel, perfume and other substances. So don't wear a pearl necklace to do your hair or do housework or cooking in the kitchen for the sake of beauty. Lampblack and steam have a penetrating effect on pearls.
  3. Sheepskin wipe: the pearl necklace that has been worn had better be wiped with sheepskin, and then put it into the jewelry box. Don't use ordinary face paper to wipe it, which may cause wear and tear to the smooth pearl.
  4. Do not seal: do not seal the Pearl in the reinsurance box for a long time, and do not seal it with tape, which will cause the Pearl to turn yellow and fade. Because pearls need fresh air, remember to take them out and wear them every few months to breathe the air.
  5. Change thread in three years: pearl necklace is best to be re string every three years and change a thread. The dirt in the pearl hole will produce friction, making the nylon thread fragile and easy to break.
  6. Cleaning pearls: when there are stains on the pearls, you can wipe them with a soft flannel cloth for wiping glasses or camera lens, or lens paper cleaning agent is generally mineral water, distilled water, anhydrous alcohol or hot water. Do not rinse with tap water.
  7. Pearl necklace storage: avoid exposure to the sun, damp, and storage together with health balls and camphor. When not wearing pearl necklaces, they can be stored in a dry box padded with soft and clean flannelette and stored in a safe place.
  8. Reappear luster: some pearl necklaces handed down from our families will turn pale yellow due to too long time. How can we make it shine again?

For the pearls which only turn yellow on the surface, they can be soaked in 1% - 5% dilute hydrochloric acid or hydrogen peroxide. After the Yellow shell is dissolved, quickly take out the Pearl, wash it with water, dry it, and the Pearl will shine again! But please remember not to soak for a long time

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